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How to Collect Horse Hair:

Most items require long horse hair. Hair form the tail is preferred, but not required. I am willing to try to work with shorter lengths.

1. Grasp the longest hairs at the bottom of the tail. 
2. Lift the longest hairs over to the side with one hand and with the other hand pull the shorter hairs away. Separate away as many short hairs as possible so you are only cutting the longest hair. If you have the long hairs in your left hands, slide your right hand up the bundle. The short ones will tease up.
3. Cut close to the tailbone. 
4. Cut 2-4 bunches from different places on the tail so you do not cut too big a chunk from one place. 

5. The amount of hair needed will depend on the item(s) ordered. The suggested amount of horse hair for each item is listed in the description.
6. Tie a rubber band around the bundle.


You do not need to wash the hair before mailing. I will do that once it arrives. I do ask that you fasten the cut end of the hair neatly with an elastic band. Please do not mail wet hair as the hair can become moldy in transit.


The quality of your jewelry does depend a great deal on the quality of the horse hair that is sent.


If you send in your own horse hair, any unused hair will be returned with your finished order.


Mail to :

Neigh-Kid Gifts

2903 Washington Road

Waldoboro, ME 04572

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